What we do

What We Do & Where We Work


What We Do

•  Promote Hepatitis B Screenings in vulnerable communities.

•  Raise awareness about management  and treatment of Hepatitis B.

•  Promote Hepatitis B Vaccination programs.

•  Raise awareness among at risk-citizens and populations.

•  Offer advice and Information to patients and Healthcare professionals.

•  Facilitate Hepatitis B patient Education and advocacy.

•  Facilitate information sharing among patients, loved ones and others by  providing a conducive platform.

•  Improve access to care for Hepatitis B patients.

• Encourage efficient use of the most effective medication by offering information and access to Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.


Where We Work

We work globally with primary focus on regions with the highest prevalence and incidents of Hepatitis B.

-      North America: with African and Asian Diaspora

-      Africa : Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Eritrea, etc.

-      Asia

-      Eastern Europe