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Who We Are:

Dwele foundation is a charitable foundation founded in 2009 in Dallas Texas.

To advance awareness in Chronic Hepatitis B.

To promote health awareness in communities with health disparities and in the underserved populations.

Our goal is to help people remain or become healthy by promoting health awareness, engaging in advocacy, educating the populace, providing free  screening, initiating clinical trials, and facilitating access to basic health care.  It is shocking that nearly 1 in 10  Asian Americans will screen positive for Hepatitis B and the number could be higher for African Americans especially immigrants.

Since Chronic Hepatitis B is a silent killer, it is our contention that in the current environment adequate attention is not directed to this catastrophic ailment and our objective is drastically change this state of affair.

To significantly and positively impact healthcare policies in respect to neglected but deadly communicable diseases in developing countries through enhanced advocacy to increase funding from private and public sources primarily to combat the unfettered spread of Hepatitis  B and related concerns.